Does Pet Insurance Cover Spaying & Other Common Pet Insurance Questions Answered

Getting pet insurance is really a practical decision to make since you are going to need it for your pet at some point. Your pet is bound to get sick or possibly hurt themselves in an accident and if you were able to get pet insurance for them ahead of time, that is going to be a lot better because you will save some money, but more importantly you won’t be worried about the cost of treatment and you’ll be able to focus on your loved one’s healing and offering comfort and support.

The expenses that we have today are already onerous without our pet’s health and medical costs adding to them. Normally the pet insurance that you can buy can be made to fit you and your pet’s needs but the coverage offered by the various insurance companies differ greatly from one another. The most common questions regarding insurance about pets are about the coverage.

Does pet insurance cover spaying? Are vet’s fees included in the coverage? Those are the most common types of questions that are asked. So here is some information about the usual coverage of pet insurance being offered these days as a starting point. Remember to check your own policy to be absolutely sure of the pet insurance coverage that you are getting or already have:

Vet’s Fees from Illness and Accidents- This is included in the most basic type of coverage that you can get for your pets. There is normally a limit to the amount that can be covered for the condition that was treated as well as the number of times that an animal has to see a vet per year. Normally this kind of coverage includes the fees for the vet, operations, tests, anaesthetics, and even hospital care.

Legal Liability and Personal Accident- This kind of coverage can be useful for dog owners. In case your dog bites someone, this coverage can take care of the expenses in case the person tries to sue you. Similarly, if you are the one bitten by your dog and you need to take time off from your work then you can be compensated for that from your pet’s insurance.

Cremation or Burial- When your pet dies the cost of having his or her remains cremated or buried can be covered by the insurance.

Coverage in Case Pet is Stolen- Some animals are really expensive and is such cases, pets being stolen is becoming more common these days. Some insurance can cover the purchase price of the animal in case it gets stolen.

Animal Behaviourists- If your animals have a behavioural problem then some insurance companies cover the cost of an animal behaviourist to help you sort things out.

There are also a lot of things that we generally expect to be covered by pet insurance but in reality these items are normally not included in the coverage unless specified otherwise and you will be charged more for your premiums if they are covered. Here are some of the most common items that are NOT covered by pet insurance:

-Spaying and Neutering
-Worm Treatments
-Dental Treatment
-Pregnancy Treatments

It is very important that you have a full understanding of what is included in the coverage of your pet insurance before you sign up. Lifelong coverage is the best form of pet insurance. It is the type of coverage where you have to pay a certain amount each year for as long as the animal is alive, but it usually offers the best coverage and gives you the most peace of mind. Be sure to read all the fine print before you sign up too.